Is Cassidy really Kyle's brother? Would Kyle have chosen Amanda over Jessi in the end? These are just a couple of the questions left looming after last night's "Kyle XY" season finale… a season finale which is now the series' ender.

Though we've known since early February that the show would not return for a fifth year, "Kyle XY" producers were not given the chance to write a proper ending to the sci fi saga, instead closing yesterday's final hour with more than one cliffhanger.

A source close to the show tells me this past season of "Kyle" was filmed and finished long before ABC Family knew they were going to cancel the series. Declining ratings coupled with the unexpected success of network newcomer "Secret Life of the American Teenager" ultimately put the nail in "Kyle"'s coffin, but that decision didn't come down until several months after season four — cliffhangers and all — was in the can.

So will the network and producers team up on a "Kyle XY" TV movie or maybe a few webisodes to bring loyal viewers the closure they need? Insiders tell me, no. There is no plan to do so as of now. Though there was initially some talk of the possibilities, the chatter died down as "Kyle"'s ratings further declined over the last month or so.

ABC Family is not completely ignoring the remaining fans' call for resolution however. I'm told that an interview with the show's co-executive producer Julie Plec, addressing some of "Kyle"'s unanswered questions, will be posted online later today. Those interested can visit or for what will likely be the last word on the series.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh