kylee saunders Kylee Saunders is the real life Hannah Montana, except not anymoreKylee Saunders is your typical Arizona teenager. Or at least she used to be.

]]>Miley Cyrus‘ famed Disney character, Hannah Montana. By week, she’s a normal student, but on four day weekends Saunders travels with her mother to Japan, where she is a bona fide super star. “It’s amazing cause I get to have two separate lives I guess you could say,” She says in an appearance on “Today.” “Whenever I go to school in Arizona I can just be normal and hang out with friends and family, and I have singing in another country — in Japan — which I love, so it’s really awesome.” Awesome indeed, except for the fact that she just appeared on national television in the U.S. So that whole “Hannah Montana” schtick? Looks like it’s officially up. Whoops. Girlfriend knows just what she’s doing, though. This is a perfect launching point for a pop tart career stateside — exactly what she’s aiming for. “That would be a dream come true,” she says of expanding her career to the U.S. “I would love to be able to not have to go to Japan all the time. I’d be able to do Japan and the States, that’d be awesome.” A different kind of awesome from the former, we presume. She’s cute, talented and fluent in both English and Japanese — Disney execs are bound to be falling all over themselves trying to grab a piece of this girl. Let the madness begin.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci