There are times when one has to wonder who The L Word creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken thinks the target audience is for the show. With the lesbian Turkish oil wrestling in this  "Lesbians Gone Wild" episode, surely this one was for the heterosexual male rather than the average lesbian.

Spoiler alert as we wrestle this one to the mat.

I have heard Laurel Holloman (Tina) say that the movie making process for "Les Girls" is a good display of what working in Hollywood is like. That might explain a lot of what ends up on the real silver screen if Jenny is anything like a real director. Jenny is a far cry from what a director should be. This episode really showcases how her stars and staff don’t respect her as a leader.

Does Nikki see her as her boss? Hardly. However, she does see Jenny as the mother of her children. (And how weird is that?)

When Nikki has goes off to do some oil wrestling with the SheBar women, even Tina has to urge Jenny to get Nikki back. Of course, that leads to a whole lover wrestling scene.

Sidebar: Phyllis’ daughter Molly sure got into it. Hmmm. Shane — the Fonzie of lesbians — may be getting a toaster oven soon. It does not matter that Molly says she’s totally straight.

Of course, the whole situation with Nikki going to SheBar started with Adele’s suggestion that she go. Who is Adele and why is she out to sabotage Jenny’s movie?  Max, where are you? We need you to figure this one out.

Kudos to Kit for slapping back at SheBar, "Hello, Los Angeles Police Department? I want to report a nightclub serving alcohol to minors." There’s more than one way to rat out a rat, eh Kit?

Nice play on the real world of television with Alice sitting in on a talk show — "The Look" — so very much like "The View" and guest hosting for someone who sounds a bit like Rosie O’Donnell.  How aggrevating that the hosts/producer of "The Look" want the "right kind of gay" to boost ratings. Please tell me Alice isn’t going to out people for ratings though. Don’t do it, Alice! "Fun gay"? No way! Don’t do it for the job.

It was fun to see Alice take on Tina though. It does, after all, seem like a lot of people are stepping back into the closet when it is convenient.

In regards to Tasha’s case, is it just me or did Kelly McGillis (as the colonel brought in to prosecute Tasha’s case) look like Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer (who was discharged from the army after admitting she was a lesbian)? Something tells me that wasn’t an accident. Yet it seems so ironic.

Great to see Tina and Bette sneaking away for some time together while on the set of "Les Girl." Was it jealousy on Bette’s part? I don’t think they are both on the same page with their relationship. And can you imagine what the blow up is going to be like when Jodi discovers what’s really going on, especially after telling her ex that everything is great with Bette. However, the ex coming back into the scene may be the way Jodi and Tina are able to break apart.

When Bette does get together with Jodi, it seems clear that Bette has Tina on her mind. She may have been in bed with Jodi, but she was taking care of things herself.

Finally, I’ve been doing some research on the show and have stumble upon some information that Helena isn’t coming back. Guess we’ll have to wait it out to see if this really is true, but if it is, one has to wonder why all the secondary characters drop off the show like they do?

Posted by:Christine Badowski