The season finale of The L Word still leaves a lot of loose ends. (Thank goodness for next season, eh?)

Spoiler alert on as "Loyal and True" is revealed.

Helena is back and who would have thought she’d pop in from out of the sky with her mother.

Medically helicoptered in for a jellyfish sting, Peggy Peabody gives Helena a reason to be back in L.A. and visit The Planet.

It does not take long for her take her mother’s advice, pull out her checkbook and propose a financial proposition that Dawn Dembo’s lover, Cindi, cannot resist.

Tasha and Alice are together, but couldn’t be further apart. Alice herself knows the relationship is in trouble when she meets up with Clea. A kiss isn’t just a kiss here and you know it. When Tasha is excited about joining the L.A.P.D. and flirts with another girl during the movie wrap party, it gives Alice a pause. She confides in Shane about Clea. Shane’s advice is enough to allow Alice a getaway plan if necessary.

"Lez Girls" wraps up and how bizarre that during the course of this film, Adele has gone from this goofy assistant to director of the film who calls all the shots whether film is rolling or not, even demanding Tina be removed from the set. And out of nowhere, Adele gets a three-picture deal. How the hell did that happen?

It still remains to be seen whether the "too gay" film ever will be seen, even with a distributor.

What was seen is Jodi’s new art piece, "Core." (And wow, was Jodi glammed up for this episode!) What a slam to Bette as a million shots of her are shown around the gallery. I don’t think anyone but Bette and Jodi’s close friends really realize how big a slam it really is. Ah, a woman scorned.

It’s nice to see Bette back with Tina. There is something about a first love that can’t ever be bested by other relationships.

As for first loves, what about Molly and Shane? Maybe Shane finally found true love with Molly. Joyce, however, turned on her motherly protection and made Shane dump her daughter.

For the first time in many, many episodes, I actually felt for Jenny. She crashes the wrap party to speak up. Of course, just as she thanks her friends for her loyalty, her best friend Shane is making out with her love, Nikki.

2009’s half-season will have to hold answers to many questions:

Will Jenny move out of the house she shares with Shane? Will Shane get together with Nikki or will Molly come back into the scene?

Is it the end of the road for Alice and Tasha? Will Alice hook up with Clea?

Will the name SheBar change now that Kit owns it? And will Cindi and Helena work out?

Will Peggy die?

Will Bette move out of her house and to the west side of L.A. with Tina? Will they make everything official with a wedding? Will Angie get a sibling?

Will the final episode of "The L Word" be disappointing or historic?

Will there be a spin off? Could there be?

Posted by:Christine Badowski