Jenny is at the helm as the production of “Lez Girls” finally begins. From the get go, she has all the headaches of filmmaking — from location to a prima donna star who decides to improv instead of abiding by the script.

Spoiler alert as we walk with Jenny along the street of her dreams in The L Word’s "Lights! Camera! Action!"

Creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken wrote this episode and she gave some of the funniest lines to Jenny. As the director of her masterpiece, Jenny wants to be sure the straight "gay for pay" actresses appear as if they are in love: "look like you’re giving her pleasure rather than moving furniture" or "you look like you’re sewing up a hole in her jeans."

It was also great that Jenny had to say how much Vancouver would not pass for Los Angeles considering The L Word is actually shot on location there.

Jenny’s very odd assistant transforms this week — not only in look, but in aggressive action during the movie production and further obsession over Jenny. It’s not only Max who notices how much Adele is now becoming like Jenny, but Max’s questions are the pointed ones. It seems foreshadowing for something Max will discover in episodes to come.

Talk about foreshadowing, the conversation Bette has with Kit regarding getting a gun seems to be very much a hint of something bad coming down the pike, especially when we see Kit at the practice range again. Maybe she’s going to take on the SheBar girls who are out to sabotage her now that Shane has angered owner Dawn Denbo.

Meanwhile, Phyllis (who has broken it off with Joyce) hosts a wild house party. Just as Phyllis is having an uninhibited great time, her daughter Molly (played by Cybill Shepherd’s daughter Clementine) pops in. Now Phyllis finds herself having to explain that not all lesbians are raucous. Could this be a set up for something Molly herself will encounter as the season progresses?

Ah, but Phyllis will have Bette and Jodi there to help educate Molly because she sees them as the perfect lesbian couple who can demonstrate how "upstanding and stable" lesbians are. Ha!

If Phyllis (and Jodi) only knew that Bette and Tina have been unable to control their desires any longer and have ended up in bed not once, but twice during this episode. The passion was definitely hot as the chicken and vegetables Bette was cooking up when Tina walked in and begged Bette to turn around. But I just could not concentrate on Bette pulling Tina’s jeans off because I was sure the house was just moments away from going up in flames with everything still on the stove.

And how interesting that just as Bette is mouthing the words, "I love you," Tina is worrying about how crushed Jodi will be when she finds out what has happened.

Finally, being crushed is exactly what Alice is enduring now that she and Tasha have broken up. I surely thought Dana might appear in a dream sequence for Alice when she was crying on the bed alone, especially after Alice told Tasha she doesn’t know what she dreams about.

Until next week…

Posted by:Christine Badowski