From week to week I’ve thought that The L Word has become pretty predictable, almost at "jump the shark" level. That was until tonight’s “Let’s Get This Party Started” episode. There were events that I just didn’t see coming.

Activate spoiler alert, here we go. . .

The self-defense class was interesting. The thing I liked the most about it? The many ways that the shouted "no" could be used.

When Alice asks Shane if she thinks the trainer is hot, the response: "NO!"

When Tina tells Jenny about how they will cast for the movie, again: "NO!"

And then, when Bette learns Tina slept with Brenda on their first date, "NO!"

I thought that was fantastic.

Then, as the show went on, my stomach flip-flopped a bit with tense moments.

Number one: When the military guys come to Alice’s apartment to investigate Tasha. Tell me you didn’t also feel your stomach knot up. For Alice to scrub "The Chart" off the wall, she must have been in panic mode.

Number two: Bette has to talk to Jodi about one of her students who put a fake gun to his  head during class. All the while Bette is telling Jodi, "I’m not saying you did anything wrong," you KNOW she thinks otherwise. Their relationship is starting to get shaky.

Number three: When Captain Beech shows up at Alice’s apartment. I’m sorry, I do not agree with Alice on this one. I don’t think his wife got him to make such a quick turn around. Something smells fishy here. It’s certainly something I didn’t imagine happening.

Number four: Dawn Denbo and "my lover Cindy." (Who, by the way, still uses that label when introducing their significant other?) When they tell Kit they aren’t trying to take business away from her, I first thought that maybe they were the ones responsible for last week’s hold up at The Planet. I still think something is brewing despite what they say to Kit.

Number five: Alice slipping out her phone to take a photo at that Hollywood Undercover party. What the hell is she thinking? It’s not ok for Tasha to be outed, but Alice can mess with someone’s life? I didn’t see that coming. (I actually thought they might run into a soldier from Tasha’s base when they made their way into the party.)

Number six: Shane in the VIP room at SheBar with the creepy owners. I didn’t want to believe Shane would fall victim to their three-some. Frankly, there was a moment I thought Shane might pull away and say, "NO!" I thought she might have had the will power, but it didn’t happen.

Number seven: The second you see Tina at the bar alone, you know what’s going to happen. Then I thought, well, maybe not. And then, I was surprised to see Bette make the first move. Finally, TiBette is back on.

What really struck me about that kiss is that Bette breaks down for a second. You see how she starts to cry a bit before kissing Tina again. It leaves you to wonder, as Tina seems to be the only one to break through Bette’s facade, does Bette cry because she knows she’s just betrayed Jodi or because being with Tina is where she wants to be and it’s a cry of relief?

As for the gum-spitting, pompous Jenny, I’m looking for something real in this character before I can comment on her again. She’s just too bizarre to figure her into the group dynamic.

Then there’s Max who rarely fits into the mix. Could he have danced any more awkwardly with Tom? Why is he still in the group?

These characters don’t feel fully formed. I’m still waiting. So, let’s get the party started!

Posted by:Christine Badowski