This episode of The L Word really was a ride for the full cast as they biked together as part of Team Dana.  However, the cause gets lost as somewhere along the road as drama takes over in "Lifecycle."

Spoiler alert on as we ride along.

Maybe Molly started out using Shane to get back at her mother. Maybe Molly started out the ride as Shane’s stalker. It didn’t take long for Shane to take her in. It seems like a new romance in the making. Whether Shane will be able to fall in love is another thing altogether.

Speaking of falling in love, it didn’t take Tasha long to suggest the U-Haul, did it? She gets a moment to reflect on old friends and the "lifetime ago" that she once had and suddenly being with Alice, no matter what Alice’s life goals are, is what exactly what she wants. Tina and Bette seem to know what they really want and that is each other. However, getting there seems to be the hard part now that Jodi’s heart gets broken in the process. How nice for Jenny to see that in retrospect Bette and Tina shouldn’t have broken up in the first place and should have had the courage to stick it out and stay together.

As for Jenny, Nikki can say all she wants about how much she loves Jenny and will love her forever. It’s really not that difficult to see through it all as a relationship going no where.  And it doesn’t take a genius to know that the second Nikki and Jenny decide to make a sex tape that it will fall into the wrong hands. Those wrong hands always belong to Adele.

Sidebar question here: I know this is not a reality show, but has anyone ever done a charity bike ride and decided to pack stilettos for the overnight in tents?

The whole point of the ride — for breast cancer research and remembering Dana — did have one touching moment in that little roadside chapel. I miss Dana’s character, too. She added a great comic mix with eye rolls or sarcasm that could bounce well between her, Alice and Shane. It’s a shame that in exchange for Dana, viewers get creepy Adele and a glossed-over Nikki.

Two more episodes in this season. You know it will get hot before it burns out.

Posted by:Christine Badowski