Was there anyone else out there who flipped on The L Word and wondered for a second if you were really on the correct channel? With the gun fight in catwalks of a warehouse, I didn’t recognize it as the "Lay Down the Law" episode at first. Little did I realize it was Nikki’s big, straight blockbuster we were seeing.

Spoiler alert begins here.

This episode made me think of my mother’s scolding when my siblings and I would play during the summer when the air-conditioning was on and she didn’t want the back door constantly opened. "In or out," she would yell. And so it was with this episode. The whole storyline revolves around being in or out.

Whether or not Nikki gets $8 million a movie or even works in the business depends on it. Whether Tasha stays in the military depends on it. Col. Davis fears it; Molly might be considering it.

The phrase "Lay Down the Law" seems more a demand with all the obvious issues of equality raised in the writing of this episode.

Take for example the fact that the "military code of conduct is very clear" pitted against the arm’s length list of Tasha’s honors and the fact that the military doesn’t like to spend a lot of money retraining someone who can already do the job. It is obvious it is a backwards way of running a business. (Yes, the military is a business. Argue with me if you’d like.)

Beyond the analysis though, how great was it that Tasha finally opened up to herself and chose to be free to love? Col. Davis doesn’t have that freedom and is clear she chooses personal sacrifice for others as her nobler cause.

Meanwhile, Bette is willing to sacrifice what she has with Jodi to see if she and Tina can work it out again. Obviously, it is a turn-on to recall that vacation when Bette was so sick she lost 10 pounds and Tina took care of her.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to see Nikki give into her agent’s request to go back to 1952 (as Jenny put it) and take a beard to the "Liquid Heat" premiere leaving Jenny outside.

However, we need to get Max back in the mix in order to reveal what he really knows about Adele. She’s conniving and now promising that "no one who shouldn’t be on that set is going to get on that set." Maybe she really is trying to take over Jenny’s gig.

Finally, regarding Molly "going gay for Shane," I don’t know. We’ll see what this is really all about as the storyline moves forward. Is it really about doing it just to spite her mother?

Posted by:Christine Badowski