With only one episode left to the season after tonight, you knew things had to shake up with The L Word’s "Lunar Cycle."

Get your tissues out if you get weepy with the bad parts as the spoiler alert goes on.

Dawn Dembo (and her lover, Cindi) buy out Ivan’s 51 percent of The Planet and become owners from right under Kit’s nose. Now, did I call it a few weeks back when I said Kit’s gun would be used for something not so good? Foxy Brown she did become. Well, only until Angie’s sitter needed relief. Whew! On ALL accounts! Kit did the darn right thing tossing that gun in the trash.

Jodi walks into The Planet at just the right time and only adds to the atmosphere of PMS and fighting. Bette was going to have to face the hard stuff with Jodi when it came to breaking up. Tonight’s episode was it. Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time, as Jodi suggests?

Jodi’s crushed and yet you still have to root for Tina and Bette to work it out somehow — right? Who do you cry for there?

When Jenny and Nikki made their sex tape, Adele conveniently helped unload the recorder and took possession of the hot property. Adele’s true colors come out as she gathered everyone on the production in the conference room to reveal a very private director’s cut.

It’s great blackmail as Adele now gains control of "Lez Girls." Whatever. If the whole film is anything like the clip that is shown at the beginning of the episode, take it. Adele, as backstabbing as she is, hit it on the mark noting how irresponsible and entitled Jenny acts. Sob for Jenny for losing it all, if you must. No one else (well, save for Shane) would risk losing work to join Jenny in the craziness. Not even her "forever lover" Nikki.

Tina and Jenny do connect over "our movie." Tina will have her hands full trying to get it all fixed.

Move from the silver screen to the small screen and "The View," er, "The Look" that Alice co-hosts. There seemed to be more than some sexual tension between Alice and guest designer Clea Mason just as Alice and Tasha are facing some friction.

Lots of things to deal with next week. There must be some bigger cliffhangers in the making before the newly announced 2009 final season will tie things up for good.

Posted by:Christine Badowski