la complex andra fuller kal kendrick canceled 'LA Complex' canceled after Season 2 in Canada, no decision at The CW yetThough “The L.A. Complex” debuted to very low ratings on The CW this summer, it was an unexpected critical favorite, particularly in the guilty pleasure department. Now, the Canadian drama has been canceled by Bell Media up north. But what does that mean for its US fans?

Sources tell Zap2it that no decision has been made by The CW, which is in discussion with Epitome productions today (Monday Dec. 3). The network aired the series’ first two seasons as the only scripted series in its summer programming block. Epitome is attempting to shop the show to other Canadian networks, which could improve its chances for a summer return to The CW — but sources tell us that renewal is unlikely, and that the actors are expected to be released from their contracts by end of day Monday.

The Season 2 finale left several key characters on a cliffhanger. Abby left Los Angeles to live with her new German husband, while Beth decided to go to college and Nick and Sabrina were forced to split up to pursue their career paths.

Any critical interest and acclaim the show received was mostly centered around the character of Kal (Andra Fuller), a closeted gay rapper struggling desperately to keep his secret. In the Season 2 finale, Kal’s father’s death inspired him to come out in a scene inspired by Frank Ocean’s confessional blog post.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie