kat von d la ink 'LA Ink' canceled: Kat Von D joins Kate Gosselin at the TLC guillotineTLC apparently decided this was the week to distance itself from some of its biggest stars.

Just days after announcing that it would no longer document the moves of Kate Gosselin and her sizable brood, the network says Kat Von D vehicle “LA Ink” is ending as well.

“TLC has decided that the current season of ‘LA Ink’ will be its last,” TLC in a statement. “The network is proud of what the series has accomplished in its four seasons, following Kat Von D’s journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles. The series finale will air September 15th at 10 p.m. [ET]”

That journey started on “Miami Ink,” TLC’s original tattoo parlor reality series, which ran 9 seasons until concluding its run in 2008. This isn’t the end of the “Ink” franchise, though. “NY Ink” was recently renewed for a second season and a British incarnation, “London Ink,” currently airs on TLC’s international sister network, Discovery Real Time.

29-year-old Von D recently ended her engagement to Sandra Bullock‘s ex-husband Jesse James. Their unrealized wedding plans are featured in the current (and final) season of “LA Ink.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell