lady gaga banned seoul pornographic Lady Gaga concert called 'pornographic' in Seoul    kids bannedLady Gaga has fans of all ages, all over the world. Some of those younger fans missed out on a chance to see Mother Monster in concert in Seoul, Korea. After Christian protests outside of her Born This Way Ball Tour at the South Korean capitol’s Olympic Stadium earlier this month, the concert was deemed adults only.

According to the BBC, a group called the Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga
Concert called her performance “too homosexual and pornographic.” Protests went on for a week before the concert. They claimed the singer is “obscene” and could “taint” children.

Lady Gaga’s tour will resume on May 2 in Hong Kong. So what do you think about all those Little Monsters being banned from the show? Is Lady Gaga “obscene?” Do you totally disagree? Let us know your thoughts below.

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