jo calderon lady gaga vma getty MTV VMAs 2011: Lady Gaga dresses up in...jeans and a t shirtAfter last year’s fabled meat dress, everyone was wondering what Lady Gaga would don for the VMAs. And MTV did their part to fuel the intrigue, even setting up a Twitter topic where fans could muse about her apparel.

But rather than dressing up for the occasion, the Gaga dressed down going as her Italian auto mechanic alter ego Jo Calderone.

While many were disappointed that she simply went as a combination of Adam Goldberg and Ralph Macchio, we thought we’d still post what was on people’s costume wish list for the Queen Monster.

  • fentonrhaney: I predict @LadyGaga will arrive dressed as a Bacon, Egg, + Cheese Biscuit! She’s done cheesy meat dress and in an egg!
  • fsmikey: hopefully just sweat pants and hoody that says “this is my costume”
  • JackieHollywood: hopefully gasoline. and then maybe someone will light a match next to her. OOPS!
  • o0Mayralee0o: Gaga is gonna wear a dress made out of fertilizer with a worm hat and matching pumps!
  • mothrastewart: Madonna’s skin because it’s one step beyond “homage.”
  • TheNickyParis: My bets are on a washer machine, 17 small children, and, or, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • stevendarden: I bet metal hair strands with her body squeezed in the exhaust pipe of a giant motorcycle
  • larz45: a live puma
  • DaRealBrittney: some marshmallows and necklace of hershey chocolate and graham crackers

Well, there’s always next year when Gaga will dress as a cup of Ramen Noodles.

Posted by:David Eckstein