lady gaga finds fans garage thanksgiving naked gi Lady Gaga finds 35 fans in her garage on Thanksgiving night

There are some stories that only Lady Gaga can tell. This is one of them.

After celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family in Peru, the singer got up to go find some leftovers. Gaga found more than that: More than 35 people, fans of the singer, were visible on a security camera, hanging out in the garage. Although she was naked at the time (of course), Lady Gaga apparently found this more amusing than terrifying.

The story broke when Lady Gaga herself began posting on Twitter in the early morning hours of Friday (Nov. 23). Her first tweet indicates that the ruckus from the fans may have woken her up in the first place:

“#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow #badkids”

Gaga then recounted what she saw on the security video:

“thanksgiving story: woke up for leftovers in kitchen (naked)- stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu”

This is the point where most celebrities would call the police or some big, burly security types. Lady Gaga is not most celebrities.

“i should be mad i guess except i tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but theres no cat-flap”

The really scary part? The kind of fans who break into a garage in the middle of the night probably would have eaten stuffing shoved under a door.

Gaga has not yet updated her Twitter followers on what happened to the garage-dwellers afterwards.

Posted by:Laurel Brown