lady gaga sleeping tattoo instagram twitter Lady Gaga gets tattoo at Fame perfume launch while inside a giant bottleLady Gaga launched her debut fragrance, Fame, on Thursday (Sept. 13) by getting a tattoo on her neck while wearing lingerie and sitting inside a giant replica of her perfume bottle — that sounds about right.

Gaga wrapped up New York Fashion Week on Thursday with the black-tie launch party, which had celebrity attendees like Yoko Ono, Marc Jacobs and Paris Hilton. Mother Monster climbed into the bottle around 9 p.m., according to the New York Daily News, where she “slept.”

“Tonight’s piece is called ‘Sleeping with Gaga,'” she tweeted to her more than 29 million followers before her performance piece.

After she “awoke,” handlers stripped her down to lingerie and she crawled back into the bottle to get a tattoo of a cherub on the freshly shaved back of her head.

Of the new fragrance, Mother Monster has said she wants her perfume to smell “like an expensive hooker” and that blood and semen “is in the perfume, but it doesn’t smell like it.”

Will you buy Lady Gaga’s new fragrance?  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper