lady gaga v magazine cover Lady Gaga is a three headed dragon for V Magazine's Asian issue

Lady Gaga shows up on the cover of the newest issue of V Magazine as a three-headed dragon for The Asian Issue.
In the issue, she launches her first column for the magazine, which she’ll do every month. In it, she writes about her fashion obsession and seems to address the criticism that she’s a copy of past trends and icons with no shame.
[David] Bowie is often my Mondrian,” Gaga writes, referring to Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 dress, which some felt was revolutionary, while others felt was copying a Piet Mondrian painting. 
“As are Michael Jackson,” she continues. “Prince, Lita Ford, and Madonna.”
Fellow flamboyant performer Elton John also interviews Gaga for the issue. Here are a few highlights from their chat:
What she’s listening to now: “Gregorian chanting. Edith Piaf. I’ve been obsessed with her throughout the making of ‘Born This Way.’ And metal.”
The most personal song on “Born This Way”: “They are all personal, I wrote and co-produced every song. But ‘Marry The Night’ is the deepest look into my heart and mind as a woman of New York.”
Her future: “I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m to wear later.”
To celebrate the special issue, V is premiering a limited hard cover edition (including a T shirt with the cover) and the issue will be available in Chinese. Both can be purchased at with 10% of the sales of the hard copy issue being donated to Gaga’s Support Japan Charity.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog