lady gaga cyndi lauper Lady Gaga just had an AIDS test. So should you.
Lady Gaga and her idol Cyndi Lauper have joined forces — through Viva Glam lipsticks — to raise money for the MAC AIDS Fund initiative.
MAC has just introduced lipsticks named after both women. Lauper’s is a light coral red. Gaga’s is a bubble-gummy pink. Both retail for $14 and are in stores today. All proceeds go to the fund.

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Obviously, both women love colorful lips, although Lauper had some pretty original ideas about wearing it. “In the Eighties, I put lipstick everywhere, not just on my lips,” she recalls.
Count on Gaga to find even more humor.
“We are really looking forward to seeing that lip color on condoms all over the world,” says Gaga. “We want to make this trendy and fun.”
On a serious note, both women explain that the highest rate of infection for AIDS now  is among women 39 to 60 and 18 to 24. Gaga was also proud to announce to WWD that she had an AIDS test two days ago. She thinks every one, particularly women, should do the same. 
If you fit in there, or even if you don’t, buy yourself this lipstick (and some condoms) for a Valentine’s Day present that may save your life.
Photos: Viva Glam

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead