jamie lynn spears2 Dirty Laundry: Lady Gaga kiss dissed by Alexander Skarsgard,  Jamie Lynn Spears dumps Casey Aldridge

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And they said it wouldn’t last

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly split from boyfriend/baby daddy Casey Aldridge.
Some sources say she dumped Aldridge for business man James Watson, 28, who lives near the Spears family estate. They started dating in December 2009.
Well heck, give these kids credit. Casey and Jamie definitely lasted longer than those other unwed parents, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston.


Baby bowl
New Mom Kendra Wilkinson is taking her two-month-old baby to the Super Bowl to watch daddy Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett  play on Sunday.
“A lot of big firsts for the lil man,” Wilkinson wrote on her Web site Friday (Feb. 6). “First plane, first time away from home, first football game! It’s pretty incredible that his first football game experience just happens to be the SUPER BOWL!!!”
Did we mention she’s dressing him up? “He’ll obviously be rocking his Colts jersey.”
Maybe this is one too many firsts. Is it just us or does the notion of taking such a little baby to such a crowded, noisy place seem ill-advised?
lady gaga4 Dirty Laundry: Lady Gaga kiss dissed by Alexander Skarsgard,  Jamie Lynn Spears dumps Casey AldridgeNot fit to lick Lady Gaga’s stilettos Did “True Blood” hunk Alexander Skarsgard make gagging faces after kissing Lady Gaga?
Word is that her “Paparazzi” music video costar was “less than enthusiastic” about kissing our Lady G., and made faces and comments to the crew during the video shoot. 
Somebody needs to smack this boy.
And yet he doesn’t seem to mind kissing skinny-mini Kate Bosworth. Go figure.
Is there a black-tar-heroin stop?
’70s teen idol Leif Garrett was charged Friday, Feb 5, with possession of black tar heroin. Dude had it hidden in his shoe while riding the Metro Red line in downtown LA.  
He’s free on bond and due in court on Feb. 24.  This is his second arrest for heroin possession on the Red Line. Where was he going to or coming from?
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Photo credits: Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge in happier days. Hank Basket and Kendra Wilkinson picking out baby duds, Lady Gaga looking fabulous. WireImage

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