lady-gaga-nude-underwear-cake-pics-photos-pictures-terry-richardson-twitter.jpgLet them eat cake — or in Lady Gaga‘s case, let her roll around in it. That’s precisely what Mother Monster did while wearing nothing but underwear and super-high heels. And luckily for her more than 31 million Twitter followers, she posted a photo of it.

“The real CAKE isn’t HAVING what you want, It’s DOING what you want,” she tweets Thursday (Nov. 15) along with the pic taken by Terry Richardson.

The singer’s fans got another nearly nude Gaga ahead of her Buenos Aires concert Friday night when she shared a link to a 15-second video of her dancing around in her underwear and frolicking with two other women in a bathtub.  

She writes Wednesday along with the video link, “un petit fours OR *very good for making gifs*.”

Ah, Lady Gaga dancing around nearly naked — the GIF that keeps on giving.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper