lady gaga grammys 2011 520 Lady Gaga on '60 Minutes': 'I'm a master of the art of fame'In a revealing interview with Anderson Cooper  on Sunday’s (Feb. 13) “60 Minutes,” Lady Gaga opened up about her rise to fame and what other artists are doing wrong. Gaga also took home three Grammys Sunday night for her single, “Bad Romance” and album, “The Fame Monster.” 

“As part of my mastering of the art of fame,” she explains. “Part of it is getting people to pay attention to what you want them to, and not pay attention to the things you don’t want them to pay attention to.

“My philosophy is that if I am open with [my fans] about everything and yet I art direct every moment of my life, I can maintain a sort of privacy in a way,” she continues. “I maintain a certain soulfulness that I have yet to give.”  

Part of that art direction includes her outfits on-stage and in real life.

“I’m a true academic when it comes to music and when it comes to my style, my fashion,” Gaga says. “There’s nothing that I’ve ever put on my body that I didn’t understand where it came from, the reference of it, who inspired it. There’s always some sort of story or concept that I’m telling.”

Adding that, “People take me both way too seriously and not seriously enough.”

At one point in the interview, she admits to using drugs. Though she acknowledges past usage of cocaine (claiming to have since stopped), she does reveal that marijuana is often present during her song-writing process.

“I smoke a lot of pot when I write music. So I’m not gonna like, sugar coat it for ’60 Minutes’ that I am some like, sober human being cause I’m not. I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write,” she tells Cooper.

Continuing, “I don’t do it a lot, because it’s not good for my voice. I don’t want to encourage kids to do drugs, but when you asked me about the sociology of fame and what artists do wrong — What artists do wrong is they lie, and I don’t lie. I’m not a liar. I built good will with my fans. They know who I am and I’m just like them in so many ways.”

You can watch the full interview, in which she discusses the constant paparazzi and adopting her stage name, below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci