lady gaga pregnant the talk Lady Gaga: pregnant or plump? 'The Talk' ladies weigh inCritics have been blasting Lady Gaga for her beefy appearance in Amsterdam — and not everyone’s referring to her meat corset.

The ladies on “The Talk” speculated about the “Born This Way” singer’s weight gain today (Sept. 20), with Aisha Tyler suggesting it is a publicity stunt.

“I think she’s doing some kind of performance art thing,” Tyler says, “because the weight gain in her face — you see that, right? — it looks real to me.

“I feel like she likes people to talk about her: ‘I’m going to gain all this weight, people are going to talk about me, then I’m going to lose the weight, and people will talk about me.’ Because we’re obviously talking about her!”

Sara Gilbert earned applause from the audience by saying, “Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera — these people are performers. I love watching them and hearing them — who cares if they gain a little weight or lose a little weight?”

That prompted Tyler to backtrack a little, focusing more on Gaga’s unbecoming outfit. (Does anyone look good in a meat suit?)

“It’s not the weight gain per se,” she says, “it’s the fishnet stockings…people are beautiful at any size, but maybe pick something that’s flattering?”

Not to be outdone, Sharon Osbourne threw down some crazy.

“I have a theory,” she announced. “My theory is that Lady Gaga is pregnant! The face, the arms, the upper thighs…My instincts tell me that she is preggers!”

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