lady gaga yoko ono Lady Gaga receives peace award from Yoko Ono on John Lennon's birthday

Lady Gaga was one of five activists who received the LennonOno Grant for Peace from Yoko Ono in Reykjavik, Iceland Tuesday (Oct. 9). She appeared in person to accept the puzzle piece-shaped award and a $50,000 grant, given on a day that coincides with the birthday of John Lennon and his son with Ono, Sean.

“I’m supremely honored to accept this grant and award today on behalf of youth empowerment around the world. I will be donating this grant to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I will be working closely with them to ensure that the money goes specifically to those orphans and disadvantaged youth in America born with HIV or AIDS,” she says during acceptance speech.

The “Born This Way” singer has done plenty of charitable work recently thanks to her Born This Way Foundation and her Body Revolution 2013 campaign.

“Lady Gaga is a power singer and songwriter that has used her strong position to correct prejudice,” Ono tells Huffington Post. “She took on a controversial issue and risked throwing her enormous popularity to the dogs.”

Also earning a LennonOno Grant for Peace this year are Pussy Riot, Rachel Corrie, John Perkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz