lady gaga lawsuit documents sealed gi Lady Gaga related documents to remain sealed in lawsuit

There may be secrets about Lady Gaga, but the world will never know what they are. That’s because a judge involved with a lawsuit has sealed certain sensitive information so that it cannot be revealed in open court.

The lawsuit in question is only peripheral to Gaga. Her former boyfriend and producer, Rob Fusari, and a former friend, Wendy Starland, are fighting over compensation related to the “discovery” of Lady Gaga as a pop superstar. Gaga got directly involved because of certain documents in the case that might reveal personal information about her.

According to TMZ, the documents in question include a financial settlement between Gaga and Fusari several years ago as well as other sensitive information. What information that is exactly remains a mystery, but the judge did agree that its release could legitimately detrimental to Lady Gaga’s career.

Both Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari agree that the documents should remain sealed, indicating that it is Starland who would benefit from their inclusion in the court case.

Posted by:Laurel Brown