Just two short days after unveiling her newest single, the first off upcoming album “ARTPOP,” Lady Gaga has already released a lyric video for “Applause.” But this is no ordinary lyric video — it is Lady Gaga after all.

While most musicians settle for some cool graphics to display their lyrics as a means of holding their fans over until an official video is released, Lady Gaga went ahead and starred in her Wednesday (Aug. 14) release.

On Monday (the same night “Applause” hit iTunes), Gaga went out to Micky’s, a West Hollywood gay bar. While there, she filmed clubgoers (many of whom showed up at the insistence of a tweet from Gaga herself), fans and some wildly fierce drag queens getting their party on. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fans will quickly spot fan favorite Willam in the mix.

Check out Gaga’s “Applause” lyric video above and let us know if you’re applauding.

Posted by:Billy Nilles