lady gaga hair Lady Gaga releases new single 'Hair,' listen here

“I’m as free as my hair!”

We’re pretty sure if you liked Lady Gaga’s last single “The Edge of Glory,” you’re going to love her new single “Hair.” If you preferred “Born This Way” or “Judas,” well, tough cookies.
While her first two singles off “Born This Way” seemed to be Gaga’s attempts to make an anthem or project her religious views, “The Edge of Glory” was just pure dance fun and “Hair” is in the same vein, complete with saxaphone. Welcome to the ’80s, monsters! We have to admit, we like it here.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Gaga says, “‘Hair’ is a really amazing song. It’s a club record, but it’s sort of got this Bruce Springsteen vibe
to it. I actually had Clarence Clemons from the E Street Band come in
and he played saxophone on the record. It’s really interesting because
[we’re] putting saxophone on this really huge electronic record.”

Lady Gaga’s new album “Born This Way” drops May 23. What do you think of “Hair,” Zappers? Is it your favorite single off “Born This Way” so far?

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