lady gaga court documents gi Lady Gaga seeks to block harmful court documents

What could people say that would ruin Lady Gaga? If the pop singer has her way, the public will never find out. Gaga has filed legal documents in a lawsuit that will keep these potentially harmful bits of information hidden permanently.

The lawsuit involves Wendy Starland — a former collaborator and friend of Lady Gaga — who sued Rob Fusari — Gaga’s former producer and boyfriend — in 2010. In the suit, Starland claimed that Fusari had cheated her on income she felt she deserved in the discovery of the pop star that is Lady Gaga.

In the first week of July, Lady Gaga filed her own documents in an effort to seal some of the information contained in the Starland-Fusari case. According to, that information is “sensitive, private and personal …” and would “inflict significant personal and professional harm upon” Gaga. The basis for Lady Gaga’s claim is a non-disparagement agreement between herself and Fusari.

While the judge has not yet ruled in the case, one has to ask: What could possibly embarrass a crazy performer like Lady Gaga?

Posted by:Laurel Brown