lady gaga elle uk cover Lady Gaga talks low points: 'I had abusive relationships'Lady Gaga may be on top of the world (and dating our imaginary boyfriend, “The Vampire Diaries'” Taylor Kinney) but she hasn’t always been lucky in love.  “I had abusive relationships,” she tells Elle UK as their current cover model. “I dated men much older than me – I was
15, they were 30 – which I don’t recommend. I was never brave enough to
be the person who I am today.”

The people who do make her feel brave are her fans — particularly in the wake of the ridiculous “is she a man” rumors that ran rampant last year. “My fans don’t care what I am, that’s what I like about them. They don’t
care if I’m a boy or a girl or an in-between or a phoenix or a mermaid
or a unicorn. They don’t care.”

“I don’t regret anything,” she adds. “If I’d known things back then I wouldn’t be
where I am now, because so much of who I am is based on a lack of fear. I
have no fear.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie