lady gaga lindsay lohan sleepover Lady Gaga to Lindsay Lohan: You did a beautiful job on 'Liz & Dick'

Lindsay Lohan might be upset by the mixed response to “Liz & Dick,” but at least she’s got one fan in high places. Her close friend Lady Gaga has not only tweeted her support of Lohan’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor, but also thinks the 26-year-old actress is one of “the greats.”

“@lindsaylohan you did a beautiful job on Liz & Dick, Let no one bring u down, Liz didnt, they always try to knock the greats down a few pegs,” the Mother Monster tweets.

For her part, Lohan had said in an earier interview that she hopes that “Liz & Dick” helps get her career back on track. “I hope that my love for acting shows through and that people really see that, and I hope that they enjoy the portrayal. I did the best that I could,” she said. “I’m in a great place. I just want to move forward. Keep working.”

“Liz & Dick” pulled in 3.5 million viewers on its premiere night.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz