laurieann gibson gi Lady Gaga's choreographer salutes her break with Target, explains the Grammy eggLaurieann Gibson, who creates the moves of Lady Gaga and many others as a choreographer, says she’s proud of her friend for parting ways with Target.
“Ultimately there is that place where enough [is] enough already and be who you say you are,” Gibson says. “Because it is in the confusion that we are losing the kids.”
It was reported this week that Lady Gaga was canceling her deal to have her new album, “Born This Way,” sell in Target because the chain refused to disavow politicians who are against gay marriage. Target reportedly donated money to MN Forward, a group that supported a Minnesota politician who opposes same-sex marriage.
Lady Gaga, long a staunch supporter of lesbian, gay and transgender rights, told Billboard that her deal with Target was contingent upon it changing its position on gay issues. Target responded that it has also supported gay rights.
“I think we will be just fine, and she stands behind her commitment,” Gibson says.
She says Lady Gaga’s stance was “very brave” because Target is so huge.
A self-described “dancer extraordinaire,” Gibson has her own show coming up on E!: “The Dance Scene.” Among the many ideas she’s hatched — Gibson is the one who came up with The Egg on The Grammy Awards.
“What happened was when I heard the record it just inspired me,” Gibson says. “And I called Gag [sic] and said, ‘We have to birth a new race within a race that does not hate or judge or condemn or bully.’ The vessel represented an incubating period where the old DNA was being drained and the new DNA was being transferred, so she could be ultimately birthed at the Grammys, with the new race to really signify for me and her that the struggle is not a struggle and that we will inspire, ultimately, to not judge or hate.” 
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler