We’ve come to expect a certain cinematic quality to Lady Gaga‘s videos after stunning, innovative clips like “Telephone,” “Bad Romance,” and “Judas.” Thus, we were anticipating video magic for her latest single, “Edge of Glory,” one of our favorite songs from her new album.

But instead of a masterpiece, we got… an exhausted smoke machine. The video’s one saving grace was an appearance by E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemmons, who suffered a serious stroke just days before release, but other than that, its greatest assets are a Seaside-esque fist-pump and the way it reminds us a little of “Rent.”

This isn’t the way the video was originally conceived. Director Joseph Kahn originally collaborated with Gaga and Laurieann Gibson on a concept that included hospital scenes, a tank in which Gaga would play a mermaid, and scenes on the Brooklyn Bridge. The sets for the hospital and tank were built, but partway through the video shoot, Gaga changed her mind.

Laurieann Gibson, Gaga’s longtime creative consultant and choreographer, was also cut off from the video plans — and she vented her frustration on Twitter on the night of the release, re-tweeting negative reviews from fans. Despite her unhappiness with the video, though, she maintains that her relationship with Gaga hasn’t changed. “we are closer than ever,” she tweeted one fan.

Were you disappointed by the video? Weigh in below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie