gaga judas screengrab Lady Gaga's 'Judas' video leaks early: Watch hereOops. Lady Gaga‘s video for “Judas,” the second single off of her upcoming album “Born This Way,” was set to debut tonight (May 5) at 11:30 p.m…. but it’s already hit the web! The video that we’ve seen is five and a half minutes long, while MTV reports that the full version is seven minutes long… but we get the idea.

The clip is rife with religious imagery, as is to be expected. It opens with Gaga riding on a motorcycle, wrapped around a guy wearing a crown of thorns. Actor Norman Reedus plays the Judas character in the video. Gaga has said that in the video, she represents Mary Magdelene.

“Well, I want to allow the video to speak for itself, but I will say
that the theme of the video and the way that I wanted to aesthetically
portray the story was as a motorcycle [Federico] Fellini movie, where
the apostles are revolutionaries in a modern-day Jerusalem,” she says.
“But it’s meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it.”

The video was directed by Gaga and Laurieann Gibson. “It’s really going to shock the world,” Gibson has said of the video.

Honestly? We’re not really shocked. At all.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie