This is by far the best parody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone” video we’ve ever seen, done by some soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

How hot are these guys and how amazing are their costumes, dance moves, innovative props and enthusiasm? Sure, there are bits that look eerily Abu Ghraib-esque. But we got past that. Just imagine how many off hours they had to practice to get this down — and dressed — so well. Which, again, is kind of unsettling in and of itself.  

]]>Big Rob, Pilon, Conley, Castor, Eichlor, Baker, Malibu Milkshake Milcher and all the rest of you soldiers. Rock on! We will fight for your right to party, even stationed in Afghanistan. Don’t stop practicing but do try to keep an eye out for Obama bin Laden, OK? We and all those who love Lady Gaga salute you! Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz More Gaga dish: Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ featuring Beyonce premieres Thursday
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead