Uh-oh. Seems Lady McCartney is no lady.Sirpaulmcc_orteg_8389075_600

The Sun, a British newspaper, has printed some pretty darn salacious snaps of Heather Mills-McCartney, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. 

The photos were originally published in what the paper calls a “hard-core German book" titled “Die Freuden der Liebe,” or in English, “The Joys of Love.”

According to the article, the picture book has no words, just 112 pages of photos and was published in 1988, five years before the blonde model got all famous for losing her leg after being run down by a bobby on a motor bike.

Only a few photos were suitable for the paper and were also edited for the website. But according to the piece – written by Sun showbiz editor Victoria Newton – some photo props included baby oil,  whips, handcuffs, edible undies, whipped cream, mirrors, you know, the usual porno-phenalia.

Will this racy revelation surprise Sir Paul? We may never know. But I bet he’s glad he anounced the pending divorce already. And I bet it doesn’t surprise his designer daughter, Stella, who was reportedly always suspicious of her stepmum.

And will Heather’s hard-core act inspire imitation in Hollywood?  I wouldn’t be surprised if Paris Hilton is already planning her 112-page photo book that could be titled “Die Freuden Der Paris."

Photo Credit: Brrrr. Creepy. Just last year Lady Heather gave a scary dominatrix look to hubby Sir Paul McCartney at her Adopt-a-Minefield Gala fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
WireImage/Albert L. Ortega

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