Multiple waterspouts were seen over Lake Michigan on Thursday (Sept. 12). The rare sights were viewed and recorded from Wisconsin and look amazing. All these waterspouts need are some sharks or an alien spaceship to enter the entertainment world.

Seriously, this is totally how you get a “Sharknado.”

The waterspouts — essentially tornadoes formed over water — were seen mainly off the coast of Kenosha, Wisconsin, close enough to shore for several amateur videos to hit the Internet. Kenosha resident Earl Greenburg, who caught the unusual weather event on a camera phone, described the funnels as looking “like something out of a movie I’ve seen recently where some alien spaceship was sucking things out of the Earth.”

He was most likely referring to “Skyline,” a 2010 movie starring Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson.

Evidently, the amateur filmmaker has not seen the Syfy Original Movie sensation, “Sharknado.” Waterspouts heading inland in Los Angeles are totally how all those hungry sharks wreaked their havoc in the film.  

Although funnel clouds do form over water in extreme conditions, they usually stay far away from shore. It is even rarer that the waterspouts pick up sharks or transport humans into alien spacecraft. They are still dangerous to boaters though.

Posted by:Laurel Brown