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Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers may want to check out tonight's episode of the CBS math-flavored (yum, does it taste minty fresh?) crime procedural "Numb3rs," called "12:01 AM."

According to the network press release, "The team has only hours to investigate a last-minute tip that could exonerate a dangerous mob boss on the eve of his execution. Meanwhile, Charlie's attempt to help the CalSci basketball team break their incredible losing streak leads to some interesting outside help."

That help comes from Paul Gasol and Jordan Farmar of the Lakers, who appear as themselves to render assistance to math genius Charlie (David Krumholtz), his girlfriend and fellow math whiz Amita (Navi Rawat) — who demonstrated the superiority of the granny-style free throw in a previous episode –  and astrophysicist Larry (Peter MacNicol, with the players in the photo) in their efforts to improve the dismal playing skills of CalSci's very smart but athletically challenged team.

Says, co-executive producer Robert Port, who wrote the episode, "Jordan Farmar and Paul Gasol are true gentlemen both on and off the court. Their professionalism extended well beyond what we could have asked for, making a memorable day for the entire cast and crew of 'Numb3rs.'

"Jordan and Paul can now add 'acting' to their repertoire of skills on the basketball court. Both were natural and funny — their gregarious personalities shone through.

"Most of our cast and crew are Laker fans — to work with two stars like Jordan and Paul was a thrill. And after seeing what great guys they both are, that made the experience even more special."

Posted by:Kate O'Hare