lana del rey getty Lana Del Rey thinks she 'sang fine' on 'Saturday Night Live'Internet controversy magnet Lana Del Rey (whose debut album finally came out last week to very tepid reviews) bombed as the musical guest during last month’s Daniel Radcliffe-hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

But the singer spoke to Rolling Stone shortly after her fateful “SNL” performance, and says she really thought she was just fine, thankyouverymuch. “I actually felt good about it,” she says. “I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine.” 
We’re not arguing with the first part — she looked gorgeous, that’s indisputable — but the second part we take issue with. When one is booked to be the musical guest on a renowned TV program, perhaps one should aim for a performance slightly better than “fine.” But we digress.
Del Rey also tells the magazine that she “felt OK” about singing live on TV. “The cast and crew said they loved it,” she says. “I know some people didn’t like it, but that’s just the way I perform, and my fans know that.”
The singer says she is not very comfortable onstage, which is interesting for someone from her profession. “I’m nervous. I’m not a natural performer of exhibitionist. When I was younger, I hated the focus, and it made me feel strange.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley