lana del rey getty Lana Del Rey does 'American Idol': Live from inside the tapingInternet controversy magnet Lana Del Rey will face the her (loud, capslock-prone) critics once again when she performs on an upcoming episode of “American Idol.”

Zap2it was in the house for her performance of “Video Games,” which was taped after the Top 11 results show that sent 16-year-old Shannon Magrane packing back to Florida and will air on an episode later in March, and let us be the first to tell
you that this was leagues better than her
disastrous turn on “Saturday Night Live”
in January.

Del Rey stuck to her retro style for the “Idol” audience, rocking a Jessica Rabbit-style side-swoop and a white A-line dress with sneakers (how very Lily Allen). The crowd, unfamiliar with her music, lacked much enthusiasm for the low-energy song, which wasn’t helped at all by the simple staging. Del Rey, bathed in a red spotlight and gripping her mic, seemed swallowed up by the massive stage despite the presence of a full-on orchestra behind her.

The singer sported a grin as she stepped in front of the crowd, but seemed ultra-nervous throughout her first take. Though a gazillion times better than her turn on “SNL” — she only played with her hair twice, you guys! — the first go-around was was shaky at best. But after some direction from the “Idol” stage manager and a little encouragement for the crowd to get more involved, the second take was great. Also, rose petals fell from the rafters for some reason. So look forward to that.

Still — considering the song is such a bore (this is coming from someone who really loves the album), we’re wondering if it’ll bring down whatever episode it’s placed in no matter how improved Del Rey is as a performer.

Posted by:Jean Bentley