If you wrote off Lana Del Rey after her disastrous “Saturday Night Live” debut — well, you weren’t alone. But the singer has continued her press tour to promote her debut album, “Born to Die,” and it turns out that she has, in fact, gotten much better at live performances.
Del Rey hit the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” stage on Monday, Feb. 13, and it turns out that the girl can sing! Gone are the weird dynamics when she switches registers, gone is the nervous swaying, and now there’s a much more confident stage presence. She still nervously fiddles with her hair, but there’s no more deer-in-the-headlights look.
Yes, this truly is an improvement over our first impression of the singer. Then again, we were swayed once we listened to her whole album, which was released after her “SNL” debut and is actually quite awesome (and contains many more interesting songs than the droning first single, “Video Games”).
We think the answer’s pretty clear (YES), but you tell us: Was Del Rey’s performance on “Kimmel” better than her “SNL” outing?
Posted by:Jean Bentley