Warning: This post will not be funny if you’re not familiar with the Internet punching bag known as Lana Del Rey, who crashed and burned on “Saturday Night Live” a few weeks ago and became the butt of numerous jokes, or the pop culture phenomenon of “The Hunger Games.”
But if you are, the viral video you’re about to see is the most sublime combination of two current pop culture obsessions since … the last really random viral video mashup we saw. (Forgive us — our to-the-moment pop culture memories are fleeting.)
Here’s the gist: Chicago comedian Holly Laurent wrote a parody of Del Rey’s “Video Games” all about — you guessed it — everyone’s favorite YA series, then made a hilarious found-footage music video in the same vein as Del Rey’s “Video Games” video. But the real kicker is Laurent’s spot-on impression of Del Rey’s sultry drone. (We’re not hating, we just find the song particularly boring. The rest of her album is surprisingly awesome.)
It’s basically like the greatest Internet inside joke of the week. Take a look above, then let us know what you think!
Posted by:Jean Bentley