lance armstrong sued its not about the bike autobiography oprah Lance Armstrong sued by 'It's Not About the Bike' readers who claim autobiography is fictionLance Armstrong just can’t win. No, not because he’s no longer allowed to compete, but because he’s facing yet another lawsuit over his doping activities.

This time readers of his bestselling autobiography, “It’s Not About the Bike” have filed a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and other readers who paid money for the book believing it to be a work of non-fiction.

The lawsuit, which also mentions another Armstrong book, “Every Second Counts,” alleges the defendants — Lance and his publishers — “knew or should have known these books were works of fiction,” USA Today reports.

In “It’s Not About the Bike,” Armstrong denies doping claims and positions himself as a legendary athlete who overcame testicular cancer to win the Tour de France.

Armstrong recently came clean to Oprah Winfrey, admitting he did in fact use performance-enhancing drugs, and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say they would not have paid their hard-earned money for his books had they been aware of “the true facts concerning Armstrong’s misconduct.”

Lance previously sued the USADA over the doping accusations that turned out to be true, and faces multiple lawsuits by former corporate sponsors who feel they were ripped off by Armstrong’s lies. 

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