lance bass getty silly Lance Bass gets VH1 a reality show. Spoiler alert: It's about boy bandsWhat’s a former boy-bander to do when boy bands aren’t cool anymore?

Attempt to make them cool, of course. Once known as the worst dancer in *NSYNC, Lance Bass is stepping up to try to find a replacement to fill the hole that *NSYNC left in our hearts back when Britney went all Yoko and the band went on a “hiatus” that never ended.

Bass tells Vulture that he has developed a boy band competition show for VH1. It will feature former boy band stars and current “Where Are They Now” staples A.J. McLean (Backstreet Boys), Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block),
Joey Fatone (*NSYNC), and possibly Bobby Brown (New Edition). We know, we thought that A.J. and Joey were too busy with NKOTBSB, too, but we should’ve learned by now that no former teen idol is too busy for VH1.

In the show, which has yet to be titled, each boy-turned-man will work with a group of guys.
“They’re all going to form a boy band, each, from the most talented guys
in America that I’ve scouted, and then they’ll go head-to-head in a
competition to see who the best band is, so it’s bragging rights for the
guy in the group, for sure,” Bass says.

Will you tune into the show, or is this doomed to be another “Mission: Man Band”? Do you think there’s room for a reality-show manufactured boy group in today’s music industry? Do you wish Justin Timberlake would just drop the Serious Actor shtick and get back together with *NSYNC for a long-awaited reunion tour already? (The correct answer to that question, by the way, is yes. Always yes.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie