lance bass mansome premiere gi Lance Bass on Obama's support of gay marriage: 'It takes a lot of courage'After President Barack Obama’s groundbreaking remarks Wednesday (May 9) in support of gay marriage, Lance Bass tells Zap2It why Obama’s support makes a world of difference, but still isn’t enough.
“It’s a huge, huge thing for us just because it is the first active president to say something like this for our community,” says the openly gay entertainer, who we caught up with at the premiere of Morgan Spurlock‘s documentary, “Mansome.”

“It’s a huge statement for him knowing that, you know, half the people are going to hate you just for saying that,” says Bass. “I understand what that’s like. It takes a lot of courage, especially going into a campaign year. I hope that people will actually learn something and educate themselves now seeing how the president sided on this issue.”

Obama’s public support for same-sex marriage came just one day after North Carolina voters passed Amendment One, banning gay marriage in their state.

“I think it was the North Carolina thing, I really do,” Bass observes about Obama’s timing. “I think we all knew the amendment was going to pass, and he was probably just really disappointed and put his foot down to say, ‘Listen, we really have to be smart about this.’ And unfortunately it’s not going to be a state-to-state thing, it’s going to be a Federal thing before anything gets better. Him saying it’s a state issue is kind of a cop out, for sure, because he knows it’s going to take a Federal amendment for everyone to be equal.”
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