lance bass gi Lance Bass working on a play about hookers starring Kirstie Alley as a pimpWell, this is a real thing that is happening: Lance Bass is reportedly producing a new play about a Los Angeles escort service called “The Fabulous Lives of Hollywood Whores,” and he wants Kirstie Alley to star as the pimp who runs the joint. 

Seriously. We read it in the New York Times.
Apparently, Alley is in talks to play the madame in charge of the operation, which is run out of a department store. The production is eyeing a Broadway debut in spring of 2012.
The ex-*N Sync-er isn’t the only celeb getting in on the action: comedian/actor Jamie Kennedy and former “7th Heaven” star Beverley Mitchell are also producing. The group, along with co-producer Matt Seifnia, will hold auditions in November and will hopefully begin rehearsals in February.
According to the Times, “the eight-character ensemble
production is described in an audition notice as a ‘cold, hard, broad’
and ‘dirty’ comedy about ‘the pimp’ (Ms. Alley’s character) and her
coterie of assistants, escorts, and others.”
This isn’t the only questionable endorsement Bass has made recently (although it is the awesomest). In early October the possibly real/possibly fake boy band mentored by Bass, Heart2Heart, released the video for their first single, “Facebook Official.”
It’s actually indescribable — like, we literally have no words — so you should probably just watch it. It’s got to be fake, right? RIGHT?! 

Posted by:Jean Bentley