This week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm starts off with Larry, Cheryl, Jeff and the Blacks unpacking boxes as they move into a different house following last week’s fire. During this arduous process (trust me, I know about packing and unpacking), Cheryl gets a call from Ted Danson and gets all flirty on the phone. Though momentarily perplexed and distressed by his wife’s attitude, Larry soon has bigger fish to fry as a knock at the door heralds the arrival of Leon, Loretta Black’s brother. Leon has brought some bags with him and fully intends to move in with the Davids and the rest of his family. Where, Larry would like to know, does Leon live? Why, Los Angeles, of course (why the Blacks are then staying with Larry and not Leon goes unsaid, but everyone, Larry most of all, wonders).

At breakfast the next morning, as Larry contemplates the artery clogging feast Loretta has unveiled, Cheryl calls to her husband. It seems that Cheryl has found a rather unsavory, personal sort of stain on the blanket in the room Leon was using. Flabbergasted, Larry confronts Leon who denies having touched himself in Larry’s home. Leon points out that Larry only has basic cable, and he does not fancy the women on Andy Griffith (thus he has no visual stimulation). Though he does not quite believe Leon, Larry accepts the answer for now and takes the blanket to the drycleaner. Despite Larry’s best efforts to mask the stain, the drycleaner finds it (this is notably embarrassing for Larry, his almost having slept with her during season four). Things continue going downhill from him as she seems to have lost his Joe Pepitone Yankees jersey. He is told one of the unwritten laws of dry-cleaning is that things get lost and given to others. It is a win-some, lose-some life in dry-cleaning apparently.

That night, at an NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) opening, where Larry is being honored for donating a wing, Jeff cops to having relations with himself one Passover at Larry’s house, which has led to the stained blanket. Jeff argues this is completely forgivable, because, as he says, he would never do such a thing on Yom Kippur. As Ted Danson and Larry laugh at the notion, Cheryl swoops in and starts flirting with Ted. Once she stops this and starts talking to her husband, Cheryl tells Larry that the other wing being donated that evening, by "Anonymous," has really been given by Ted. Larry, already disturbed that someone would donate anonymously, is truly furious that Ted is telling people he did so and thus garnering more accolades than he, Larry, whose name is in the open.

Rather than being able to ruminate on this for very long, Larry sees an opportunity to talk to Senator Barbara Boxer and seizes it. Larry explains to Senator Boxer about dry-cleaning, and the unwritten rule he has just learned about. He firmly believes that drycleaners need some sort of, presumably federal, oversight. Boxer disagrees vehemently as the pair of pants she is wearing that evening happen to be ill-gotten dry-cleaning gains. Boxer is able to get out of this awkward conversation when she is asked to give a toast to the donors, Larry and Anonymous. Needless to say, Anonymous, who is standing right next to Larry, gets more applause.

Still fuming about Ted’s semi-anonymous donation, Larry heads home with Cheryl. On the way Cheryl informs him that Ted told her all about Jeff’s indiscretion in her house and bans Jeff from the David house. Larry takes it on himself to inform Jeff of this, and does so the next morning. Listening to the whole conversation unfold is Jeff’s wife, Susie, who promptly begins to swear at her husband, accusing him of committing adultery for pleasuring himself outside of their home. While she is on a roll, she also decides to ban Larry from her house in retribution for Cheryl’s banning Jeff.

That afternoon Larry take Leon with him to go return some sunglasses to Jeff that were misplaced in Larry’s home. On the way Larry spots his Pepitone jersey, which Leon forces the wearer to remove and give to Larry. After returning the sunglasses, and making a quick pit stop that Susie graciously allows, Larry spots another Pepitone jersey. It turns out the first jersey was not actually Larry’s. The second however, is, and Leon gets that one back too. More than a little upset at losing "his" jersey, the second wearer is an NRDC board member, who tells Larry that Larry’s name is coming off the wing, it too will say "Anonymous." Larry says nothing, but is thrilled with this, knowing he will get far more kudos for the anonymous donation than he did when it had his name on it.

Larry does not have much time to savor the double-victory though as Susie enters Larry’s house the next day, screaming and brandishing a teddy bear that has a stain on it. Susie is certain that when Larry made his pit stop the day before, he pulled a Jeff on their daughter’s bear. Larry denies it, and Susie uses the word "anonymous" to describe the donor. Cheryl, overhearing only that bit of the conversation, explains that Ted is "Anonymous." She says that that is how he likes to do it (Cheryl thought Susie meant the wing at the NRDC). Susie storms out of the house and runs right over to Ted’s (sadly we do not get to see that confrontation).

Feeling good about himself for having won on multiple issues today, Larry goes for a walk and gets stopped by a friend who applauds him for the anonymous wing donation. She tells Larry that she has informed a bunch of people about his generosity too. Though thrilled, things cannot stay good for Larry for long as the first Pepitone jersey wearer and a bunch of his friends spot Larry. They start to chase him and Larry makes a run for it. He finds himself in front of the NRDC, which is locked, but he explains to the guard that he the new wing. The guard, looking at the dedication, sees that it was made by… that’s right, "Anonymous," and refuses to grant Larry entry. The credits roll and Larry, almost assuredly, was caught.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser