larry david curb your enthusiasm comeback gi Larry David wants more 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Good news, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans — Larry David wants more of the show, too.

During Sunday’s (Sept. 28) “Citi Presents Larry David and David Steinberg in Conversation” in Los Angeles, David revealed that he’s hopeful that the HBO series will one day return, reports LA Weekly.

“I haven’t given up hope,” says David about “Curb,” which went into hiatus after eight seasons.

After cheers from the audience, David admitted that he “wouldn’t have thought of [bringing it back]” if he didn’t receive such positive feedback from fans, and that he “actually feel[s] badly” that he doesn’t have any shows for them.

Luckily for David, who is currently getting ready to star in his upcoming Broadway play, “Fish in the Dark,” the folks over at HBO previously stated that they’re always willing to welcome back the “Curb” creator with open arms.

“We always say he has essentially carte blanche with us — don’t quote us on that, but he does,” said HBO executive Richard Plepler at the 2012 Television Critics Association press tour. “When he wants to come back and do ‘Curb,’ we’ll be thrilled.”

As for recruiting fellow “Curb” stars? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Jeff Garlin (“Goldbergs”) revealed on Monday’s (Sept. 29) “Watch What Happens Live” that he’s most definitely open to filming another season.

Do you think “Curb Your Enthusiasm” should come back for another season?

Posted by:Casey Rackham