larry david curb s8 hbo Larry David's HBO movie sounds very 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' esqueLarry David‘s movie for HBO is not officially a “Curb Your Enthusiasm”-related project, but it shares a lot of common traits with the show.

The untitled movie, which HBO officially announced last week, will star David as a guy named Lenny, who spitefully gives up a share of ownership in a new electric car, reports the Los Angeles Times, which got its hands on a copy of the outline for the film. The car, of course, goes on to be a huge success, and Lenny ends up losing everything.

Several years later, he’s living under a different name when he runs into the car’s inventor, who’s now fabulously rich, and Lenny plots his revenge.

The Times notes that the movie, which will also star Jon Hamm, will be partly improvised a la “Curb.” David’s character, like his fictional self on “Curb,” also has a very hard time dealing with the little things in life, which in turn brings out anger in the people around him.

Replace “electric car” with “movie idea,” in fact, and it’s easy to see the story playing out as an arc on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Since David isn’t ready to do another season of the show at the moment, HBO is making the movie. A premiere date hasn’t been set.

Posted by:Rick Porter