shawn southwick larry king Larry King files for divorce from Shawn Southwick. That's No. 7!Dust off your Spanx and drag out your push-up bras, ladies.

That hot Hollywood institution Larry King is available again!

]]>Shawn Southwick-King Wednesday (Apr 14) reports TMZ, marking the 7th time he’s gotten divorced (granted two of them to were from the same woman). In the divorce papers, Larry asks for joint custody of their sons and blames the split on “irreconcilable differences.” Um, is he talking about age differences? Like she’s in her 50s and he’s as old and dusty as the shroud of Turin? Larry, 76, and Shawn, 50, were married back in 1997 — they have two sons together. Back in 2007, Shawn bragged about being the only one of Larry’s wives to have made it into “the two digits.” But in 2008, there were rumors about her affair with their son’s baseball coach. Batter up! This was just shortly after she allegedly checked into rehab for an addiction to painkillers. And to think that back in 2006, Shawn told Howard Stern that Larry was wild in bed: “He has this Indian costume that just drives me wild. I wear chaps, “she TMI-ed to Howard.  Who wouldn’t need pain killers? King has actually had only seven wives. But in truth, he’s been divorced eight times.  King divorced Alene Akins in 1962,  remarried her in 1967, then divorced her again in 1972. With eight divorces, no wonder he’s still working so hard at his age. Follow Zap2it’s The Dish Rag on Twitter and on Facebook for the latest celeb and entertainment news More celebrity divorce dish Larry King catches Shawn Southwick with son’s baseball coach?
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