larry king live with kids.princes2 Larry King, Shawn Southwick knew about each other's loversFrom the looks of the photos (and TMZ video) circulating on the Web of Shawn Southwick affectionately kissing Larry King and grabbing his bony rear end, the couple who recently filed for divorce may be rethinking the expensive split and messy tabloid headlines.

Now it turns out that Larry and Shawn may have had an open marriage.  Or at least, an understanding. Larry King’s ex-wife Julia Alexander says that King and his wife were both having affairs, and they both knew about each other’s lovers.

]]>tells Radaronline “I never asked him and he never told me who his ‘other’ was, but he knew Shawn was having an affair with the baseball coach.” The baseball coach — Hector Penate — who has admitted and detailed the affair that .began in 2007 after he was hired to coach the King boys in baseball. “Larry’s appeal,” says Julia, “is his intelligence and his humor. He has a wonderful sense of humor. We’d wake up laughing and go to bed laughing.” OK, there’s a joke in here, but we’re not making it. She says Larry is a great guy with a major flaw.  “He just doesn’t have a moral compass when it comes to women.”  But his wife’s sister? If that’s true, that’s more than just missing a moral compass. That’s missing the entire moral lighthouse. Julia also says Larry’s insecurity about love is linked th his father dying when he was nine and his being raised by an aunt. “He needs the security of knowing someone is there for him. The problem is, he has such wanderlust. He can’t help keep himself from cheating.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. More Larry King, Shawn Southwick dish: Shawn Southwick meets with Mel Gibson, Jennifer Aniston’s divorce attorney
Larry King divorce: His alleged affair with her sister, hers with son’s coach
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