It is no secret that I think both Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm to be exceedingly funny. As much as I’d like to meet Larry David, if he is anything in person like he is on the show I don’t think we could be friends.

Look at tonight’s episode, everything starts to go downhill simply because Larry wanted to be able to go to the bathroom in peace. Can you really blame him for that? Is there any reason he should not be upset that Cha Cha stops him and wants to talk to him every single time Larry goes to and from the bathroom?

Sure, he goes over the top with trying to get Cha Cha fired when he went out to lunch with her boss. But, Larry was funny in the way he discussed how it would be okay with him for Cha Cha to be fired, he did after all get her that job, and Larry let it go after mentioning it at the lunch. When Cha Cha did get fired it is not because of any intentional actions on Larry’s part.

Beyond that though, he is also proven absolutely correct about his Cha Cha fears. Cha Cha went behind Larry’s back and spoke to Richard Lewis about Larry’s bathroom habits, his frequency and what type of action Larry took in the bathroom. That by itself completely justifies any and all ill-will Larry has to Cha Cha. Wouldn’t you be upset if people spoke casually about the number of times you went to the bathroom everyday? Is that the world’s business.

Throughout the episode Larry did his best to avoid confrontation. That’s right, Larry David tried to avoid confrontation. He went to an entirely different floor so that he would not have to talk to Cha Cha and have an awkward conversation. What did he get for his troubles? An incredibly loud flush that hurts his ear to the point where he needs to see a doctor for it. This led to the doctor telling Larry not to hold the phone to his right ear. Larry’s phone call to Cha Cha went badly due to his being uncomfortable holding the phone on his left side and Cha Cha thought Larry’s discomfort was his hitting on her. Then Richard got angry at Larry for Cha Cha’s perception of the call. This whole bit of insanity started because Larry was trying to avoid a fight.

And, as for his not wanting to use the bathroom at his house due to the post-consumer recycled toilet paper, is it his fault that the good for the Earth toilet paper chafes? Even his houseguests, the Blacks, do not like the rough toilet paper.

Might I also point out that Larry did a good thing for Susie tonight. He pretended as though he was going to take Susie’s leftovers home from the restaurant for himself because the waiter refused to give them to Susie who said they were for her dog. That did not work out well for Larry either though. He ended up having to go back to the restaurant and pretend as though the steak made him have to go to the bathroom repeatedly, because it certainly did that to Susie’s dog. Thus, yet again tonight Larry went out of his way to do a good deed and got in trouble for it. And, yet again, Larry ended up having to discuss his bowel functions in public.

Now, let’s be clear about it, I think that he often tends to be right, sure, he goes too far to prove his point (which is why I couldn’t be friends with him). Yet, if you pay attention to what he is actually saying, you have to like his opinions. Tonight he showed us that he simply wanted his privacy in regards to his bowel and bladder movements and that he wants something soft to clean himself with. Is that really asking too much?

Two quotes from the master:

  • To Richard Lewis: “I got a beautiful colon. Do you want to take a picture of my colon?… You could put my colon up next to your colon we’ll see who’s got a cleaner, healthier colon.”
  • To a barber about the man’s chosen profession: “It’s like the bongos, who can’t do that? You know what I mean? Anybody can play the bongos. You have to be that skilled to bang on something?”

I’m also convinced that if Larry knew about it he would suggest you check out The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews. Just don’t go to the bathroom all over it.

Posted by:Josh Lasser