I find it so comforting to know that even in the midst of the on-going WGA strike Las Vegas somehow manages to have new episodes week after week after week. Sure, some of them don’t make sense, but they’re new and they’re scripted (however oddly). Tonight even wasn’t that odd, it didn’t have a whole lot taking place either, but you can’t win them all.

At the start of tonight’s episode Mike and Danny were playing a little two-on-two basketball. Topless. Of course they were topless, why wouldn’t they be, this is Las Vegas. As the two men are suits at the Montecito, they were the underdogs and so the big money, including a huge sum placed by the mob, wasn’t with them at the beginning of tournament. That’s fine for the guys, but not so good for the two men they were playing who, Cooper informed Danny and Mike, rapidly ended up dead, presumably killed by the upset mobster, Rudy.

Mike and Danny were upset to learn of the death, but it wasn’t really their problem, they weren’t directly involved. That changed when the mobster in question bet $250,000 on Mike and Danny in the next round of the tournament. That was double what our mobster bet on the two guys who ended up dead. It is true that Cooper had money on his employees too, but I never pegged Cooper as the killing for money type. I’m sure that he’s killed before and he’ll kill again, just not because of a bet in a basketball tournament.

In any case, our heroes made it through the next round of the tournament and on to the semis, but not without Danny seriously hurting his ankle which led to his receiving tons of unsolicited advice. Magically (possibly due to Polly’s kimchi), the ankle was good enough that Danny and Mike got through the semis without much of a problem.

Cooper then took matters into his own hands, trying to ensure his employees’ safety by informing Rudy that he, Cooper, was well aware that Rudy’s visa had expired and that he was in the country illegally. Nice to know that Cooper has his guys’ backs.

Things became even more complicated as Danny’s childhood friend, a bookie named Donny, told Danny that he had taken a million dollar bet from Rudy. He couldn’t cover the action if the boys won, so he needed them to lose (which would mean Rudy would want them killed, probably despite Cooper’s threat).

Being a stand up guy and caring more for his friend than himself, Danny tanked the first half of the game. Mike knew something was up and just as Danny had to make the decision on whether or not to tell his bud what was happening, Cooper came over to them and they all saw Danny’s childhood friend being arrested. Apparently the friend was lying, Rudy hadn’t place the bet with Donny (which Rudy had said all along). Instead, Donny had placed a million dollar bet against Danny and Mike and had also killed the other team himself for costing him money. Danny ended up playing his best during the second half of the game, but would it be enough for them to make a comeback … well, read on and find out, I promise to tell you later.

On the Piper/Mike marriage front, we learned quite quickly that Mike and Piper were still married and that Piper wanted to hop into bed with her husband. Mike thought it would be better to go slow, but Piper was definitely ready to jump his bones. She was also a little worried about some Concierge of the Year award which had her jumping through hoops to impress the moronic judge (who was moronic whether or not it was an act, as he claimed later).

Delinda was pretty convinced that Piper and Mike didn’t get their marriage annulled and questioned the judge on the subject. He refused to answer, distressing our already very pregnant and quite emotional Delinda. She seemed to handle not knowing far better than Danny handled it when Mike told him the truth, a scene that ended with Mike questioning his friend’s sanity before abruptly dropping the subject.

Eventually Delinda did find out about Mike and Piper still being married. Piper broke the news to Delinda in tears as she also informed Delinda that Mike wouldn’t sleep with her just yet. She was hugely upset that he wanted to find out more about her before getting in the sack with her.

I don’t know, this whole thing gave me a bad case of déjà vu. Am I the only one that happened to?

Mike ended up buckling and getting a suite at the Palms for Piper and himself. Danny was displeased as he figured, Bull Durham-style, that their power at basketball came from not having sex. Mike did end up remaining celibate as Piper’s concierge contest ended up taking precedence over her night of unbridled passion and the boys won the tournament (come on, was there ever any doubt?).

Wow, that makes it seem like a lot happened tonight, but it really didn’t. Seriously, it didn’t. Sam didn’t have a storyline, Danny and Mike just played a lot of basketball, and the whole gambling-murder thing just sort of unfolded around them, their part in was very small. I’m not complaining mind you, it’s okay for this sort of thing to happen every once in a while, I’m just saying.

A couple of extra thoughts for your reading pleasure:

  • When Polly went to help Danny’s ankle she made a Wilt Chamberlain sleeping with 20,000 women joke. Wow. I had no idea Vegas would go that far back for a joke. I thought it was great.
  • I’m sorry, I love Polly. I do. I know she’s a stereotype and ridiculous, but I think she’s great.

You know what’s funny, I don’t think The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews has ever done a piece on Polly. Maybe it should… maybe it should.

Posted by:Josh Lasser